About Us

                                                 Dr. Ehsan Hoque

2.Ehsan Hoque-2Dr. Hoque has been professionally dedicated to nonprofit endeavors for the last two decades. He is the founder and Executive Director of Distressed Children & Infants International. He started this organization while working at Yale as a side charity project, which he was able to turn into a fully functioning non-profit supporting many children and families in three different countries and with chapters all over United States. He achieved this not only through his passion for helping the underprivileged but by learning each step of the set up, operations and management of a nonprofit organization. As a result he is very well aware of the many pitfalls and problems a small organization can face and the ways to overcome them. This experience led him to establish a consulting firm to help similar organizations or individuals who are seeking to create a successful non-profit organization, and thus contribute to providing humanitarian assistance to many more people in need.